About Automat

Since we started to work with interactive media, back in the late 90s, we have had a passion for electronics and human interaction. Sites, apps, campaigns, 3D, motion graphics, installations, fashion and more. When the designers, software and hardware developers in our group first got together magic happened pretty much the same day. We started to create the product we ourselves wanted. And that was the birth of Automat.

Automat is a hardware and software platform for makers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, studios and agencies. We wanted to create a tiny, flexible device that could act as a platform for different types of devices.

We like Raspberry Pi and Arduino but Automat is a different device.

We think of Automat as your personal internet of things

Automat is a device that can send data from its inputs or sensors. Receive data directly or pass it on to its outputs. The intelligence and calculations are taken care of on your phone, in the cloud or on a local server. Automat can connect your music instruments, clothes, game controllers or headphones to name but a few examples. 

Over the last three years we have spent a lot of time figuring out the optimal hardware setup. We spent a lot of time on the tiny details.  Like the black shielding with the etched logo. Every component is subject to the same attention to detail.

Everything is built with high quality components, produced and tested in Europe

Our firmware is as flexible and comprehensive as the rest of the platform. The mathematics behind the Automation algorithm and how they work optimally with the sensors have been subject to thorough, detailed testing. All the features of the BaseBoard are produced with the same high-quality processes.

But what becomes of Automat, that is for you to decide. Our BaseBoard, BatteryBoard, SolderBoard and iOS app are made for you.


You are the creative ones

You are the Makers, Entrepreneurs, Gamers and Creatives.

A humidity sensor who tells you when to water your plants? You can create that quickly and easily. 

Trackers, smart buttons, alarms, control your home devices, interactive games with built in sensors? Yeah, that's easy too.  

Create connected clothing that reacts with your feelings or whatever you set it up to. Say, change colour when someone give you a mention on Twitter?

Integrate directly with your music software on your computer and build the Automat BaseBoard into a drumstick and sell it with your drum app? 

Create a virtual ball game that you play with a 3D printed racket.

We have a ready-to-use Platform that includes both hardware and software. Our software is, of course, open source and available through our library.

Join us in the making of Automat. This is just the beginning, We have loads of things to come. Did we mention our bracelet? Or our work with energy harvesting?

Go and create something amazing now!


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