We are Neue.
We Enable Fashion Tech.

We are Neue, a fashion tech company. We help brands and fashion houses connect clothes, wearables, and accessories to the internet. Our production platform is the perfect canvas for your innovative fashion ideas.

Our Offer

From Creation to Production

Our production platform is a set of product-driven, results-focused tools for rapid product development. Reduce time to market with a complete suite from hardware to cloud.

Connected Fashion

Our electronics are packed with sensors and ready-to-use IoT solutions and can connect any smart textile.

The same hardware can be used from Ideation to Launch. Our software tools to go all the way from proof of concept to final product.

The future of rapid product development is here.


Our Products

Starter Kit

Miniaturized electronics for the fashion industry

Our core hardware is the production-ready A2.

A2 is a super versatile tool, packed with sensors, communication ports, a built-in charger, bluetooth, and much more. All within a 1 cm x 2 cm area.

Technical Specifications

  • 10 mm x 23 mm PCB
  • Bluetooth smart
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Humidity, temperature, barometer sensors
  • 6 analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • I2C / SPI
  • 8 MB memory
  • Tilt detection sensor for waking up the device
  • FCC connector for connecting external hardware
  • Built-in switch for turning off the power completely
  • Battery charger

Create functions for your garments

The starter kit also includes the Neue Playground app that lets you create functions and features for your connected apparel.

The built-in Flow system lets you manipulate data like nobody’s business. You can do things that would take so much more time on other platforms. If you need to change anything, just adjust one patch, and you’re finished. That’s the iterative nature of it.

Want to build your own custom app? Just download our SDK for iOS (Android coming soon).

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