Smart Workwear a New Way to Promote Craftsmen’s Health

Neue Labs client, Snickers Workwear, is beta-testing their smart workwear.

Snickers is renowned for it’s modern design and innovation functions. They are market-leading in fabric technology. Now they have initiated this wearable IoT project called Tracker 1. 100 craftsmen across five countries are taking part in a beta-test to see how wearable tech can improve working health.

The key feature is to measure spent time on knees and the quality of the knee pad protection. It also measures noise levels and more features can be added in future tests.

Neue Labs has been an active partner in the idea and innovation phase and the Tracker 1 has Automat built in. We have also been involved in setting up the software workflow and back end parts.

You can read more about the project here:

Swedish pressrelease:

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