Neue Labs Nominated for Startup of the Year

Every year there is a huge gala, organised by Mobilbusiness, Mobile institute and the magazine Mobil. It’s called the Swedish Mobile Awards (in Swedish: Mobilgalan). This year the Swedish Mobile Awards will happen on January 28th, yes that’s on Thursday this week!

It is with no small amount of pride we tell you that NeueLabs have been nominated for the category Startup of the Year!

Companies that have been awarded in different categories in previous years are for example Skype, Minecraft, King, Soundcloud, Swish and many more.

We at NeueLabs are humbled just to be in the company of those nominated. But it would of course be super cool to win as well.

Check out the Swedish Mobile Awards, and maybe join us there! Or, stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed, and we’ll tell you how it goes!