Neue and FIT partners with the Swedish Fashion Council

FASHION TECH NY kicked off Friday, 6th April, at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. The course was developed by Neue in cooperation with the FIT/Infor Design and Tech Lab. Under the supervision of two faculty members, a class of seven carefully selected FIT students will explore the integration of technology into garments and fashion business strategies.

“The students will face the same challenges as the fashion industry does today. How can the merger between fashion and technology give birth to new types of connected products, create new digital services, and design new business models?” says Michael Ferraro, Executive Director of the FIT/Infor Design and Technology Lab.

During three months, the group of students from Bachelor and Master levels of different fashion disciplines will develop up to three high-end fashion-tech products, ranging from the application of technology in fashion business operations to digitally connected garments, also known as wearables.

The students will receive additional guidance from the Swedish brands POC and BACK. POC is an innovative company in the production of sports garments and gadgets to increase security in gravity sports and cycling. BACK is an internationally renowned brand and key player in Swedish fashion; a niche brand merging art and commerce in fashion. Both brands will present themselves and assign students based on their market expertise to explore realistic digital solutions in product and marketing design.

FASHION TECH NY is strongly supported by the expertise of the Swedish Fashion Council, who made it its mission to promote and strengthen technological development and education in fashion seeking to drive future fashion forward.

“We are delighted to support this project. FASHION TECH NY is a great project aimed at educating the fashion professionals and inspiring emerging talent,” says Jennie Rosén, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council.

Project manager Kim Gustafsson, co-founder of Neue, adds “We have been educating the fashion industry for several years, and this kind of collaboration is the perfect platform for driving the market forward. It also sends a message to the fashion brands out there: it’s time to walk the walk; the fashion designers of tomorrow are on the move.”

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Neue – fashion tech workshop with the students and Swedish Fashion Council
Neue Playground– fashion tech workshop, software
Swedish Fashion Council – open discussion, fashion
Neue Playground – hands-on demo of Playground
Neue – Presentation, the Future of Fashion
FIT – building
FIT – Entrance
FIT – Michael Ferraro, Executive Director of the FIT/Infor Design and Technology Lab