Fashion Tech New York

In November, Fredrik and I went to New York to establish new partnerships and visit key influencers within the fashion tech space. All in all, it was a very creative and successful week.

We had several meetings with Havas Worldwide NY. Marc Goldleaf acted as our host, and he introduced us to teams from all their different disciplines — development, creative, innovation, and brand strategy. We also met Rachel Conlan, who has a great knowledge in fashion and tech and an impressive network in her portfolio. Rachel connected us with Ana Andjelic from Fashion Tech Lab and Jackie Trebilcock from New York Fashion Tech Lab, to mention a few.

Rooftop view, Havas NY Worldwide

We also visited Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the world’s most respected fashion schools. Together, we will design a fashion tech course that will be launched during 2018.

Our hardware production partner, Flex, has a dedicated team in New York that only works with fashion tech and wearables. We had all sorts of interesting discussions about hardware, software, and how to make the next wearable for the fashion industry.

Flex fashion tech HQ

Thanks, Nathan Nedorostek, for inviting us to the opening of Explore the Expansion of Space, and ten up to Ruvan Wijesooriya for having us. Do visit his great exhibition. We are also looking forward to our upcoming collaboration.

Explore the Expansion of Space – Opening party at Ilegal Gallery

We can’t wait to get started on all the projects planned for 2018 and, of course, to visit NYC again as soon as possible.