What is Automat?

Automat is a flexible platform for creation of smart devices. Automat consists of both software and hardware and it uses Bluetooth Low-energy (BLE) for communication.


Why should I use Automat?

Because Automat is a new generation of hardware that will enable you to »sketch« devices. Compare it to when home recording became possible in the music industry. Automat makes it possible for you to do things that you previously had to be a global company with a separate R&D department to do.  


What can Automat do?

Have a look at the feature page for all the functions of the platform.


Do I have to be a programmer/engineer to use Automat?

No, Automat is designed from the ground up to be used by everybody. The app that controls it is based on IF-THIS-THEN-THAT building blocks.

The idea is that Automat helps you enable your ideas, not limit them.

With that said, it is still a very advanced piece of equipment and you can really do amazing stuff with it. 

If you are a programmer you will not be disappointed with our open source SDK and if you are an engineer you really should look into the I2C possibilities. 


What do I need to get started?

With the maker-kit and the free iOS app you are all set. It includes a PCB, 240 mAh battery, Baseboard, Powerboard and a Solderboard.


When will the Android-app be available?

It's top priority but at this time we are unable to set a date.


How come it's so small?

We washed it in really hot water.

What if I have a really cool idea?

Amazing! Tell us and win a Maker Kit. You could also talk to us on Facebook, Twitter or send an email to hello@automat.space


Why are you building Automat?

Because we believe in play and creativity. We want people to create more and invent more. We want to make ideas possible. 


We really hope you like Automat!