Once again, we have surfed the web and collected some entertaining, inspiring and/or insightful links (you can judge for yourself which link is which). We hope they are useful or maybe even prompt you to get that killer idea for a product or service that you’re looking for!

In the textile industry and in apparel retail, IoT is gaining ground:


Smart textiles can detect, react and adapt. This is an inspiration piece for those of us who believe technology is the future of fashion:


Fashion and technology is a match for the future. And it is happening:


A lot of IoT gadgets (and a delegation from Automat!) were present at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona 2016. Here are a few examples of the gadgets:


IoT is a lot of things. It can be fashion and gadgets. But it can be industrial production and city planning and more. Your imagination is the limit. Here’s some more examples of what it can be:


Until next time: good luck creating!