In a previous blog post we wrote about some of the wonderful things you can make for the Internet of Things. Some of you may have been curious about the sneaker we mentioned that changes color, so we figured we should give you a peek. Here it is, the “chameleon” sneaker:

There are many interesting and inspirational things to read about Internet of Things. There are also an infinite number of ideas that can become reality with machine to machine communication and the Internet of Things. Some fun, some really useful and some that are both.

Also, there are some of questionable use:

...and some with no use at all beyond possibly entertainment:

If you have an idea of your own, go with it! Prototyping will be a whole lot easier with the hardware and software platforms of Automat. You can start creating soon! Using the Automat platform for both prototyping and production will cut the time significantly from idea to viable product on the market. Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for news on Automat and the Internet of Things.

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