Hard Talk Stockholm (HTS) is hosted by Hardware Club, the first exclusive club for hardware startups. They have featured partnerships with companies like Amazon, Intel and Foxconn.

HTS is a mix of keynotes, panel discussions and demos from the hottest Swedish hardware startups. In the audience you will find founders, product designers, distributors and of course, investors. 

The event is co-organized by People People and Narrative and sponsored by Indiegogo, Intel and Sigfox. 

We will demonstrate what Automat can do as a hardware together with our IoT-platform. Check back tomorrow, hopefully we will have a video clip from our demo.

Line up at HTS

Speakers and startups

Speakers and startups

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If your interested in what Hardware Club is doing, please visit their webpage:

You can also follow this hashtag on Twitter: #HardTalkSTHLM